Reset Calendar App on macOS

Reset Calendar App on macOS
Roman Zipp

I recently ran into an issue where my CalDAV provider went down for a couple of hours so many synced events were displayed as duplicates in my macOS Calendar app. The CalDAV account was configured via a Profile so removing it meant I also needed to re-configure my mail account.


Fortunately there's a way to reset all synced events without loosing any preferences.

  1. Quit the Calendar app
  2. In Finder: Go to Users ▸ You Profile ▸ Library ▸ Calendars
    • If you don't see the Library folder, press CMD ⌘ + Shift ⇧ + . (Dot)
  3. Delete the following files:
    • Calendar.sqlitedb
    • Calendar.sqlitedb-shm
    • Calendar.sqlitedb-wal

Now, re-open the Calendar app, press CMD ⌘ + R and wait for the calendars & events to re-sync cleanly. This can take a couple of minutes based on the size of your remote calendars.

If you're missing any items in the sidebar, go to Settings ▸ Accounts and toggle "Enable the account".